In the Dodge commercial, the urban cityscape at night transforms into a futuristic playground of light and motion. Against the backdrop of high-speed LED billboards, a hologram LED emerges, showcasing stunning live-action visuals that captivate viewers with their dynamic and immersive quality.
As the hologram LED illuminates the city streets, the vibrant energy and infectious enthusiasm of the visuals add a dynamic dimension to the commercial's futuristic aesthetic. With each flicker and flash, the hologram brings the scene to life, creating an immersive experience that blurs the lines between reality and imagination.
Against the backdrop of the cyberpunk-style city, the hologram LED infuses the commercial with an additional layer of excitement and visual appeal. The cheerful and engaging presence of the hologram adds a sense of joy and celebration to the urban landscape, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the commercial.
Through its seamless integration of live-action visuals and cutting-edge technology, the Dodge commercial transports viewers into a world where speed, style, and entertainment converge. With the hologram LED serving as a dazzling centerpiece, the commercial invites audiences to experience the thrill of the drive in a futuristic cityscape filled with color, light, and exhilaration.
Design Direction: Thomas Kurniady

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