The Laker Girls show open promo for Spectrum / Time Warner Cable SportsNet Los Angeles captivates audiences with a dazzling concept: the pursuit of rare diamond talent in the world of dance. Set against the backdrop of the vibrant Los Angeles Lakers franchise, the promo takes viewers on a journey to uncover the most exceptional dancers, each akin to a precious diamond waiting to be discovered.
As the promo unfolds, viewers witness the meticulous process of molding these individual talents into a cohesive and electrifying dance team - the iconic Laker Girls. Through rigorous training, dedication, and passion, each dancer contributes their unique sparkle to form the most popular and original dance entertainment in the sports business.
The promo showcases the Laker Girls as more than just dancers; they are the embodiment of excellence, grace, and entertainment, adding an unparalleled dimension to the Lakers game-day experience. With breathtaking choreography, mesmerizing performances, and a legacy of excellence, the Laker Girls shine bright as the true gems of the sports entertainment world, captivating audiences and elevating the spirit of the game to new heights.
Creative Director | Design Director: Thomas Kurniady
Spectrum  / Time Warner Cable SportsNet | Los Angeles Lakers
Animation and Production: Logan NYC

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