"On Wings of Eagles" is an inspiring and gripping historical drama that brings to life the remarkable true story of American athlete Eric Liddell. Set against the backdrop of World War II and the Japanese invasion of China, the film follows Liddell, famously known as the "Flying Scotsman," as he embarks on a courageous mission to save lives and spread hope amidst the chaos of war. With its captivating narrative, stunning cinematography, and powerful performances, "On Wings of Eagles" immerses viewers in a tale of resilience, courage, and faith. 

Through Liddell's unwavering determination and selflessness, the film showcases the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Whether you're drawn to stories of heroism, historical dramas, or tales of triumph against all odds, "On Wings of Eagles" offers an unforgettable cinematic experience that inspires and uplifts audiences of all ages.
Creative director: Thomas Kurniady

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