"How To Be a Latin Lover" boasts a talented ensemble cast that breathes life into its vibrant characters. Leading the pack is Eugenio Derbez, who portrays the charming yet down-on-his-luck gigolo, Maximo. Derbez brings his signature comedic flair and undeniable charm to the role, capturing the essence of Maximo's journey from a smooth-talking seducer to a man grappling with newfound challenges and revelations. Opposite Derbez is the luminous Salma Hayek, who portrays Maximo's hardworking sister, Sara. Hayek infuses Sara with warmth, strength, and a touch of sass, creating a compelling dynamic between her character and Maximo. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable as they navigate the ups and downs of siblinghood and family bonds.
Young actor Raphael Alejandro shines as Sara's son, Hugo, injecting the film with youthful energy and innocence. Alejandro's portrayal of Hugo adds heart and depth to the story, as his character forms a special bond with Maximo, teaching him valuable lessons about love, family, and resilience. In supporting roles, the film features the talents of Rob Lowe, who portrays Maximo's rival and Sara's love interest, Kristen Bell as a savvy businesswoman, and Raquel Welch as a wealthy widow. Each actor brings their own unique flair to their respective characters, contributing to the film's rich tapestry of humor, heart, and human connection.
With its stellar cast, "How To Be a Latin Lover" delivers a cinematic experience that is as heartfelt as it is hilarious. Audiences are treated to a rollercoaster of emotions as they follow Maximo's journey of self-discovery, laughter, and ultimately, love.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady

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