Step into the future at the Nike Sunset Waves Concept Store, a visual marvel inspired by California's sunset and waves. Explore a vibrant dreamscape with wave-shaped shoe displays and a warm palette, seamlessly blending performance and lifestyle apparel. The centerpiece, an eco-friendly abstract wave sculpture, highlights Nike's commitment to style and the environment.
Venture into the Black and Red room, an immersive space with dimmed lighting and red accents, evoking a championship spirit. The wooden floor intensifies the "in the game" experience, complemented by red lights on products. A dynamic LED wall showcases modern Nike product motion graphics, immersing you in innovation.
The customization station allows personal touches, adding exclusive California-inspired designs. Slip on a VR headset to virtually explore iconic trails, uniting Nike with an active lifestyle. This isn't just a store; it's an immersive journey into California's charm, curated to elevate your connection with style, nature, and innovation. Welcome to a new era where the sunset never fades, waves are always calling, and the game is perpetually in motion.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
AI concept design MidJourney Dall-e3 Adobe Firefly Photoshop

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