The NFL Draft, a highly anticipated annual event, takes center stage as NFL teams strategically choose college football talent to bolster their rosters. Traditionally occurring in late April or early May, the draft unfolds across seven rounds, with each team allocated one selection per round (before any potential trades).
This comprehensive overview provides a snapshot of the intricacies and excitement that characterize the NFL Draft. From the strategic decision-making of teams to the anticipation surrounding each player selection, this event captivates football enthusiasts worldwide. As the league's future stars emerge through the draft process, the publishing coverage aims to deliver in-depth insights, analysis, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, ensuring fans stay informed and engaged throughout this pivotal moment in the NFL calendar.
Exclusive content, expert perspectives, and real-time updates, capture the essence of the NFL Draft and the transformative journey for college players transitioning to the professional ranks. From first-round sensations to late-round steals, the coverage aims to immerse readers in the excitement and drama that define this annual spectacle in the world of American football.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
NFL Design Group Creative & Marketing
Designers and animators: Marshall Amoranto, Albert Corona, Jenny Kim, Dustin Bowlin, and Lindsey Roh

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