PGA on TBS offers golf enthusiasts an unparalleled viewing experience, showcasing the excitement and drama of professional golf tournaments in a dynamic and engaging format. With a focus on expert analysis, insightful commentary, and cutting-edge broadcasting technology, TBS brings viewers closer to the action than ever before. From major championships to prestigious tour events, PGA on TBS delivers comprehensive coverage of the sport's biggest moments, capturing the skill, strategy, and emotion that define the game. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for the sport, TBS continues to be a premier destination for golf fans seeking top-tier coverage and unforgettable viewing experiences.
Creative Director and Design Director: Thomas Kurniady
Creative Director: Jordan Shorthouse
Editor: Jesse Vogel
After Effects Compositors: Mark Garcia, Jesse Vogel, Jerry Ma, and Chase Oliver
Senior Designers: Dan LeRoux and Chase Oliver
3D Artists: Brian Kirchdoerfer, Derald Hunt, and Anthony Baker
Turner Studios Atlanta

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