Broadcast on NBA on TNT, In-Arena Production, and Digital Social Media Production Team

NBA All-Star Toronto, the NBA in collaboration with the powerhouse NBA on TNT network, unveils an extraordinary blend of basketball brilliance and cultural richness against the captivating backdrop of Toronto. This event promises a unique celebration of the sport, heightened by the unmatched storytelling prowess of NBA on TNT's esteemed main talents, including Emmy® winners Shaquille O'Neal, Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith.
Guided by this stellar lineup of experts, NBA on TNT not only transforms the All-Star festivities but extends the excitement to global audiences through its robust presence on social media and digital platforms. As basketball enthusiasts worldwide join the conversation, NBA on TNT's Emmy-winning talents take center stage, delivering real-time updates, engaging content, and exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpses across various digital channels.
From live game streaming to interactive features, the network ensures that fans can immerse themselves in the All-Star experience, transcending geographical boundaries. This seamless integration of traditional broadcasts with dynamic digital engagement enhances the global reach of NBA All-Star Toronto, making it a truly immersive and inclusive celebration for audiences around the world.
The collaboration between NBA All-Star Toronto and NBA on TNT, fortified by the Emmy-winning brilliance of its main talents, positions the event as a must-watch spectacle on both traditional and digital platforms. From the thrilling on-court action to the star-studded events, this partnership guarantees an unforgettable All-Star experience, reaffirming NBA on TNT as the go-to destination for premier basketball and sports entertainment coverage across multiple channels. As the basketball world converges on Toronto, NBA All-Star becomes a global celebration seamlessly delivered through the storytelling mastery of NBA on TNT on both traditional and digital fronts.
Creative director and designer: Thomas Kurniady
NBA on TNT Turner Sports Creative
Production Turner Studios Atlanta

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