Nike's "That's Mamba" campaign, a homage to the legendary Kobe Bryant, immerses his legacy in the core of street basketball. The mural, a majestic tribute, encapsulates iconic moments from Bryant's illustrious career, providing both inspiration and homage to players practicing their craft in its shadow.

Accompanying this tribute is the unveiling of additional concept sneaker designs within the Nike Kobe Protro line—melding various models, incorporating cutting-edge footwear technologies like fly-knit, zoom air, and lightweight, breathable materials, all seamlessly blended with premium snakeskin leather, showcasing Nike's most innovative advancements in footwear technology.
Expanding on the "That's Mamba" campaign, Nike presents the Premium Varsity Jacket Kobe, adorned with the iconic Mamba logo and revered "8" and "24" numbers—a chic tribute to Kobe Bryant's enduring influence. As part of the campaign's latest offerings, Nike introduces special lifestyle City Edition jersey designs, featuring a prominent photo of Kobe on the front. This innovative design effortlessly fuses sportswear with urban aesthetics. These unique additions not only honor Kobe's legacy but also seamlessly combine street style with athletic prowess. Nike's ongoing commitment to redefining basketball fashion is evident, incorporating a touch of Mamba Mentality into every detail.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
AI concept design MidJourney Dall-e3 Adobe Firefly Photoshop

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