In the heart of the bustling city, Vodafone commercials transport viewers to the serene beauty of urban parks, where illustrations seamlessly blend with live-action lifestyle fashion. Against the backdrop of lush greenery and city skyline, these commercials weave a captivating narrative of connection and style.
As characters stroll through the park, each scene unfolds with a graceful transition from live-action to vibrant illustrations. From leisurely picnics to energetic outdoor activities, the commercials capture the essence of urban life in motion, highlighting the seamless integration of technology into everyday moments.
The fusion of illustrations and live-action footage lends a dynamic and visually striking quality to the commercials, drawing viewers into a world where creativity and connectivity intersect. With each frame, Vodafone celebrates the spirit of urban living, inviting audiences to embrace the beauty and vitality of city parks while staying effortlessly connected with the latest technology and fashion trends.
Design Direction, Motion Graphics, Illustrator: Thomas Kurniady
Live Action, 3D and 2D Animation: Brand New School

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