Nike Air Future transports you to the year 2035, showcasing a futuristic basketball duel between human athletes and cyborgs on a cutting-edge court. The Nike Future, an evolution of the classic Nike Adapt BB, offers self-lacing, adaptive cushioning, energy generation, and advanced sole technology, all tailored for peak performance.
Building on the Adapt BB's FitAdapt technology, the Nike Future allows players to customize their fit in real-time through manual touch or the Nike Adapt app. Firmware updates ensure continuous precision, adapting to the dynamic nature of a basketball game.
Tested rigorously and approved by NBA stars, the Nike Future represents Nike's first continually updated performance product. Beyond basketball, the success of FitAdapt hints at its application in other sports and lifestyle products. Join us in stepping into the future of performance footwear with Nike Air Future.

Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
AI concept design MidJourney Dall-e3 Adobe Firefly Photoshop

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