Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, observed in the United States during May, pays tribute to the significant contributions and influence of Asian Americans and Pacific Islander Americans on the country's history, culture, and achievements.
During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the NFL demonstrated its commitment to diversity across its broadcast, social, and digital platforms. Through highlighting the accomplishments of Asian Pacific American players, coaches, and staff, the league shared stories of resilience and excellence. Utilizing a blend of articles, interviews, and social media features, the NFL promoted cultural awareness and inclusivity, celebrating the diverse backgrounds within the football community and inspiring fans worldwide.
By amplifying the voices and experiences of Asian Pacific Americans in football, the NFL reaffirmed its dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through compelling publishing content, the league honored Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, advancing its mission to cultivate a more inclusive and welcoming football community on a global scale.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
NFL Design Group Creative & Marketing | NFL APEX

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