The NCAA March Madness tournament stands as a pinnacle in collegiate basketball—a single-elimination competition exclusively for men's Division I teams. Kicking off with 68 teams, the journey culminates in the highly anticipated Final Four, which marks the penultimate round of the tournament. The Final Four itself is a riveting single-elimination face-off involving the four semifinalists.
The stakes escalate as the winners of the semifinal clashes advance to compete in the national championship game. This championship showdown determines the ultimate victor, who is then bestowed with the honor of being crowned the national champion. The NCAA March Madness tournament thus unfolds as a thrilling and intense quest for collegiate basketball supremacy.
Turner Sports / Turner Broadcasting System Atlanta
EVP/Chief Content Officer: Craig Barry
Vice President, Creative Director: Drew Watkins
Creative Director: Jordan Shorthouse
Creative Director /Live Action Director: Thomas Kurniady
Turner Studios Atlanta
CBS Sports New York City
Director, Graphics: Marla Keethler
Senior Art Director: Jon Paul LoMonaco
Production & VFX Company: King and Country Los Angeles
Director/Creative Director/Partner: Rick Gledhill
EP/Partner: Jerry Torgerson
Managing Director of Networks and Brands: Lisa Miller
Post Producers: Brett Adkins
Coordinators: Daniel Beldy VFX Supervisor: Andrew Cook
Designers: Marcos Vaz, Brad Mitchell, David Perry, Henry Castleton
3D Artists: Yu Okuizumi, Eduardo Guisandes, David Perry, Kyung Park, Tim Salikov,
Nick Poznick, Robin Kim, Billy Maloney, Matt Connolly, Henry Foster
Compositing Artists: Marcos Vaz, Eduardo Guisandes, Sorin Voicu, Micah Fitzgerald, David Perry

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