"Storks," a delightful animated film from Warner Bros. Pictures Animation, takes viewers on a whimsical adventure filled with laughter, heart, and a touch of magic. Directed by Nicholas Stoller and Doug Sweetland, the movie introduces audiences to a world where storks, once known for delivering babies, have now transitioned to delivering packages for an online retail giant. However, when an unexpected baby is accidentally produced, it sets off a series of misadventures for a young stork named Junior and his human friend, Tulip. Together, they embark on a journey to deliver the baby to its rightful family, encountering a host of colorful characters and hilarious obstacles along the way. With its charming animation, witty humor, and heartwarming message about the power of family and friendship, "Storks" is a joyful cinematic experience that entertains and uplifts audiences of all ages.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady
Motion Graphics Designers and Animators: Kate Adkins and Edward Rodriguez

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