Martell Cognac, with a heritage dating back over three centuries, is a symbol of French luxury and craftsmanship. Founded in 1715 by Jean Martell, the brand consistently produces some of the world's finest cognacs, distilled from the finest grapes of the Cognac region and aged in French oak barrels.
In a promotional advertising commercial video, viewers are mesmerized by a Psychedelic Spiral composed of Martell Cognac bottles, showcasing the elegance of the brand's iconicĀ bottles. With enchanting visuals and evocative imagery, the video invites viewers into a world of luxury and refinement, enticing them to indulge in the unparalleled sensory experience of Martell Cognac.
Martell's dedication to traditional craftsmanship and innovation is evident in its range of expressions, from the iconic Martell VS to the prestigious Martell Cordon Bleu, each offering a unique sensory experience crafted by master blenders. Synonymous with elegance and refinement, Martell invites enthusiasts to indulge in timeless sophistication and sensory pleasure, whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in classic cocktails. As a symbol of French savoir-faire and luxury, Martell continues to set the benchmark of excellence in the spirits world.
Design Direction: Thomas Kurniady

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