"Run Big Bang Scout!" on YouTube Red offers fans an exclusive glimpse into the lives of one of South Korea's most iconic boy bands, Big Bang, as they celebrate their 10th year anniversary. In a special reunion for their dedicated VIP fans, Big Bang embarks on an unforgettable camping trip, forging new memories and deepening their bond in the process.
For the first time ever, viewers witness the band members, including Young-Bae Dong, Ji-yong Kwon, and Choi Seung-hyun, in a relaxed and intimate setting as they navigate the challenges of camping and share candid moments with each other. Against the backdrop of scenic landscapes and under the starlit sky, the series captures the essence of camaraderie and friendship that defines Big Bang.
"Run Big Bang Scout!" highlights the band's genuine closeness and reveals their real-life personalities, showcasing their playful banter, heartfelt conversations, and shared laughter. As they embark on various adventures and challenges, viewers gain insight into the unique dynamics and individual quirks of each member, deepening their connection with the band.
Creative Director: Thomas Kurniady

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