NFL on NBC's Sunday Night Football kicks off its season with a dynamic promotional campaign that spotlights the top NFL players, capturing the essence of the game's excitement and star power. The campaign's centerpiece is a memorable opening featuring the iconic "Dab" dance move performed by Cam Newton, a symbol of celebration and victory in football culture. Against the backdrop of electrifying gameplay footage and high-energy music, viewers are treated to a montage showcasing the league's most electrifying moments and standout performances.
As the promo unfolds, fans are reminded of the thrilling matchups, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments that define Sunday Night Football. From jaw-dropping catches to bone-crushing tackles, the promo captures the intensity and drama of the game, building anticipation for the upcoming season.
With its pulse-pounding energy and star-studded lineup, NFL on NBC's Sunday Night Football promo sets the stage for another unforgettable season of football action. As viewers tune in each week, they can expect nothing less than the best in football entertainment, as their favorite players light up the gridiron under the bright lights of Sunday Night Football.
Creative Direction: Thomas Kurniady

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